About Us

Boyce Highlands focuses on manufacturing finished and unfinished moldings in our New Hampshire factory, designed and built specifically for this purpose. We stock a full range of hardwoods and have the ability to work with any specialty lumbers requested by our customers.

Our grinding department designs and produces all knives in-house assuring exacting custom capabilities. The finishing department can match stains and finishes to customer specifications, as well as supplying samples for customer approval. With 31 years of experience, Boyce Highlands has developed an in-depth understanding of our customer's needs. The sales force is comprised of experienced professionals capable of helping the customer through all phases of the ordering process. Once an order is placed, our competent customer service representative keeps a close eye on scheduling to assure on time delivery. From there, our expert production department and quality control team manufactures your moldings to the utmost level of accuracy. Thus, making Boyce Highlands the highest quality molding manufacturer in the Northeast.